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Once again we have been surprised by Bruichladdich Distillery. It introduced a new position to its portfolio, namely Octomore Orpheus 02.2. A limited edition of this great whisky of single malt type produced in Islay region takes everyone tasting it by surprise.

Octomore Orpheus 02.2 is recommended mainly to the amateurs of peat aromas due to its very high peat content amounting to 140ppm. Octomore Orpheus 02.2 is a limited edition – only 15,000 bottles have been produced. What is also interesting is the fact that this whiskey is kept in the barrels where an exceptional wine – Chateau Petrus used to be kept in.

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cristal rose 2002 tb


One of the world's most exquisite champagnes, a symbol of excellence in the world of bubbles. Produced especially for Alexander II of Russia, who wanted a custom made champagne in a crystal, flat-bottomed bottle. The champagne has retained its delightfully uncompromising character for nearly two centuries. Produced only in the best years, it matures in oakwood barrels and in bottles for at least 6 years. It has an excellent bouquet of citrus fruit, red berries and white flowers, plus notes of toasts, chocolate, vanilla and wood. 97/100 pointst.




Jean Marc XO Vodka is an excellent super premium wheat vodka loved and recommended by experts. Jean Marc XO is distilled ten times in very small batches, subjected to the process of micro-oxygenation and, finally, filtered through charcoal obtained from the wood of Limousine Oak. This non-standard process last a few weeks, which gives the vodka a flavour and aroma that stand out from all other vodkas of the same class. It is produced in the Cognac region, which is famous for the production of cognacs, in France. Today, it is part of the Campari Group's portfolio. In addition to a Carter's watch and an Aston Martin DB5, this vodka is one of the icons mentioned in the book entitled 101 Things to Buy Before You Die.

salon-1997 tb

SALON 1997

A gem of the Champagne wine region. Legendary. Extremely mysterious. Long-lived. The only of its kind. Produced only in the best years (36 years inthe last 100 years), from only one variety of grapes (100% Chardonnay) picked in only one and the best place (Cru Le Mesnil sur Oger). The 1997 year wine is considered one of the best blacc de blancs ever made in the Champagne region. The quintessence of Le Mesnil and its aromas of chalk and minerals. Deep and rich in aromas of apples, stone fruit and citruses. 100/100 points in Wine News. The price? Well, luxury is never cheap.



This is the best-selling Canadian whisky in all of the United States. It was created as a tribute to the royal visit by King George VI and his wife Elizabeth to Canada in 1939. Until 1964, the whisky was available only in Canada. Later, it was made popular worldwide by Seagrams, which owned the whisky until 2000. Today, Crown Royal is part of the portfolio of Diageo, one of the largest alcohol produces on the market. Since 1992, this whisky has been produced only in the Royal Crown distillery in Gimli, on the bank of Lake Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

johnnie Walker blue label King george v edition


This is an exceptional, 43% blend in a crystal carafe, each with a number reflect the unique character of this product and, at the same time, to prove its authenticity. Its unique character lies in the selection of single malts used to produce King George V. It is the blend of malts from the time of King George V, who ordered the blend to be delivered to his royal palace and who, in 1934, granted his royal guarantee to it. The oldest distillates are over 70 years old. They matured in oakwood barrels in distilleries operating even today. Johnnie Walker King George V Blue Label is available at virtually no restaurant or cafe in Poland.

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