Dancers in New Orleans Strip Club

nasze tancerki

„Happiness is a woman" Fryderyk Nietzsche

And we share this opinion

nasze tancerki 3The philosopher also claimed, however, that women should be watched and not spoken to. Had he a chance to spend at least a single night at New Orleans in the company of our dancers, Mr. Nietzsche would undoubtedly revise his views.

The young ladies who take up work at New Orleans Gentlement's Club are women with class, nonstandard beauty and intelligence. Many of them study at various faculties of the most prestigious Polish universities, undertaking activities related to dance and other forms of art. On entering our club many a guest is struck with the impression that they have been snatched into paradise, such are the divine charms spread by our angel-like hostesses.

nasze tancerki 2Each one is an excellent dancer, knows the art of seduction and certainly is not an accidental hire. All the girls we hire undergo an interview during which they must demonstrate eloquence, fluency in foreign languages and an uncommon personality to prove that they can join our team. Then they undergo a pole dance course, a dance that is brilliant art unto itself. Later, we ensure that they hone their language skills and develop their individual interests. We know the moments spent in their company will be an unforgettable experience for you. These young ladies can impress not only with their sensuality, but also acuity and wit. With them, you have no chance to get bored.

nasze tancerki 5It is thanks to our dancers that the erotic dimension of New Orleans is subtle and delicate, as befits a true gentleman.