Darmowe wejście do klubu

Choose safeness and quality!

Attention: Don't be scammed by Warsaw taxi drivers!

Taxi drivers are cheating tourists!

If you are asking for a ride to a specific Club and the driver is doing everything to convince you to change your mind and go to a different place (saying that the selected one is closed) that means that he wants to deceive you!

He will try everything to take you to a different place, because he's gets a huge money reward, for each sucker delivered to that club.

You will be over-charged and the driver with get his commission, based on your huge bill! Do you really want to be a cash cow?

New Orleans doesn't need to play dirty! We do not support the taxi mafia in Warsaw.

Our top quality service, beautiful & sophisticated girls and safeness makes our Club truly unique.

We are open 7 days per week.

If you want to visit our Club and have a great time in really different place- CALL US +48 795 484 841 (Kuba) or +48 664 993 398 (Justyna) and our managers will send a FREE & HONEST taxi for you, without any commission from us, and you, as a gratitude for fighting with that nasty scam, will get a FREE ENTRANCE!.

You will have a safety & free ride. Nobody will cheat you. Fraudulent Taxi driver will get a zip. Happy days!

We are THE Gentlemen's Club!

General Manager of New Orleans Club