Office party in New Orleans

Office party in New Orleans

Each company consists mainly of people employed in it. A well-chosen, competent team is half the battle – the other is a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. As you know, professional duties can generate a lot of stress and conflicts, so it is worth from time to time to meet on a slightly more neutral ground and to ensure the quality of mutual contacts. To this end, it is best to organize a company meeting, the aim of which will be integration and fun.

Christmas is approaching and many entrepreneurs decide to organize a company Christmas Eve. A Christmas company meeting is a great excuse to get to know each other better and meet in a much looser, more conducive atmosphere than usual. But how to organize such an event? And is it a good idea to do it in a night club like New Orleans in Warsaw?

Firstly: do not treat “Christmas Eve” too literally

The place of work is not religiously marked in any way. We must remember that our employees have the right to different beliefs and habits, so do not insist on giving the event a “Christmas” character. Of course, holidays are a great opportunity to meet and even give employees gifts (or holiday bonuses). However, we do not necessarily have to organize another Christmas Eve, during which we will sing carols and feast on dumplings or borscht (although there is nothing wrong with this, if everyone wants it). There is also no reason to expect employees to feel and behave the same as in the family circle. Let’s create a new quality that will help us build cordial but still professional relationships.

Secondly: think about what employees expect

Each of us is different. This also applies to a company that is guided by its own specific values. It is worth considering what people are our employees. Do we mainly employ young people who have no obligations and grasp every opportunity to party, or maybe calm husbands and wives, fathers and mothers? Are women or men dominating in our team? It is on such issues that we should make the place and character of the Christmas meeting dependent. Its purpose is, after all, to integrate employees and make them feel as comfortable as possible. In the case of some, this effect will be caused by watching Christmas movies together, others will prefer a gala dinner in a restaurant, while others will enjoy the crazy party at the night club the most.

Thirdly: set a convenient date

This is another issue that in which we should take into account first and foremost the opinions of our employees. Many companies decide to organize such a meeting just before Christmas, but not everyone is able to come then. Many people plan a trip to a family living in another city, others have a lot of work related to cleaning and preparing Christmas Eve dishes. It is worth to vote and determine together when such an event should take place. Thanks to that we will have a guarantee that a lot of people will come to our meeting, and the team will have a feeling that we count on its opinion.

Office party in New Orleans

Fourthly: provide good food and alcohol

In order for a company meeting to be successful and well-remembered, it must involve more than just a good company. No party or Christmas Eve supper can make do without a delicious food. Some people choose a typical Christmas menu: borscht with ravioli, dumplings, carp and vegetable salad. Others (rightly) notice that the majority of people will soon have enough of this type of dishes, and therefore they decide on completely non-traditional dishes. The golden mean are flavors that are gently reminiscent of the typical holidays, but are not their exact reproduction. New Orleans from December 1 offers a Christmas package, ideal for this type of occasions. It includes rillettes (pate) made of duck in the company of marinated pear and butter brioche, a root salad with lovage mayonnaise, pickled cucumber and egg, and young salted herring with apple gala, red onion and yogurt with dill. In addition, the price includes the open bar, at which we can at will have vodka, wine, beer, rum, whiskey, gin and non-alcoholic beverages.

Fifthly: organize gifts or other attractions

Although we do not need to treat the company’s “Christmas Eve” too literally, there is no denying that Christmas meetings are clearly associated with presents. Of course, they do not have to have a material character: they can equally take the form of unusual attractions. The New Orleans club also took care of this issue. In each Christmas Package (which costs PLN 349) there is also an invitation to a private dance, which can be used until the end of March 2019. Admittedly, this is the perfect idea for a gift for employees or business partners. Such attractions will guarantee that the corporate party will be a success, and all participants will remember this evening for a long time.