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How to organize stag night in Warsaw

New Orleans Club

Our club specializes in the comprehensive organization of stag parties and other thematic events. You will choose the manner and form of spending time at us according to your preferences, and we will provide you with professional service and individual attractions. Such fun will certainly bring unforgettable experiences for both you and your friends.

Stag night in Warsaw - New Orleans


Wait in New Orleans to help you while away your time with an artistic show on the stage or individual dances in cozy VIP rooms. Our dancers are eloquent women with a wide range of interests and skills. They include winners of dancing competitions, Polish Ballroom, Sport and Pole Dance Championships, as well as students of law, technical faculties, psychology and physical education. Delighting with their looks and intelligence, they can be sensual or playful, subtle or preying. But they always provide the highest quality of entertainment! Is unfettered and almost unlimited – you can stay at the main floor, having active fun with the rest of our guests. In the meantime the bridegroom has an opportunity to become the highlight of one of the stage shows. If you prefer to have fun in your own company, we offer elegant VIP rooms where you will spend this unforgettable night by yourselves and our dancers.

stag night in Warsaw - New Orleans Night Club



We have more than 600 kinds of alcoholic drinks stocked. You will find here many rare and unusual drinks not available elsewhere, even abroad. We do have the largest bar in Europe, after all. There are no alcoholic drinks we cannot obtain. And to satisfy even the most demanding palates

Package Basic

Package Basic

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EASY, SIMPLE and very PLEASURABLE – that is how Stag Night should be and there for we prepared for this occasion pakcage Basic Plus:


U can order package for at least 5 people

Basic Plus Package consist of:

  • Free admission for each person
  • 3 drinks for each person (vodka, whisky, gin, tequila, rum + soft or beer)
  • 2 private dances in a vip room for groom with the chosen dancer

Life can be pleasurable and in New Orleans sure it is

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Package Standard

Standard Plus


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Do you have problems with choosing the best option – how to organize Stag Night in Warsaw? well take a look at our proposition – package Standard PLUS


U can order package for at least 5 people.

Standard Plus Package for 5 people consist of:

  • Free admission for each person
  • Reservation vip table
  • Welcome drink for each person (vodka/whisky/gin/tequila/rum with soft or beer)
  • Private dance in a vip room for every guest with the chosen dancers
  • Bottle of vodka (WYBOROWA 0,7l) and jug of juice (1L)
  • Burger for each person (Prime Beef 200g / vegetables / bacon / mimolette cheese / jalapeño / chips)

*offer will be expanded with more guests

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Pakiet Exclusive



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Would you like to spend a stag party in an atmosphere of luxury and natural and sensual elegance?
Are you hungry for more delicate and subtle entertainment to impress not only the groom? Specially for you, the New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club has designed an EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE.


U can order package for at least 5 people

Exclusive Package for 5 people consist of::

  • Free admission for each person
  • Private vip lounge
  • Open Bar: vodka, whisky, gin, tequila, beer, wine, softs
  • Vodka: Wyborowa / Żołądkowa Gorzka
  • Whisky: Ballantains / Johnny Walker Red
  • Rum: Bacardi
  • Wine: house wine
  • Gin: Seagrams
  • Tequila: Camino
  • Beer: draft / bottles
  • Soft drinks ( with the exception of energy drinks)
  • Private dance in a vip room for every guest with the chosen dancers
  • Special show for the groom on the stage with 2 dancers
  • Dinner ( steaks from best quality beef ( rib eye, sirloin )

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Business meetings in Warsaw

in Warsaw

Business meetings

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Business meetings in Warsaw – New Orleans Club

Business meetings in Warsaw don’t have to be tense. New Orleans Club allows you to have this kind of meeting here. The ambiance is good for the business as well as for celebrating any occasion you would like to. Work meetings don’t always follow established rules, which are not a guarantee of success. It’s an excellent idea to amaze your clients by offering them a creative solution they surely have never experienced. Marvelous drinks that you can try at out bar will definitely help making a tough decision. That is why coming to New Orleans Club is worth it.

Business meetings in Warsaw are not just about meeting with clients, but also corporation or integration meetings. Nothing is better to improve relations between co-workers than some quality time after working hours. The New Orleans Night Club offers a vast range of alcohol, which undoubtedly will help strengthen ties with your colleagues. If it’s going to be typical “guys’ night out”, each one of the gentleman will appreciate how beautiful and skillful our dancers are, the moment they start their strip show.

Business meetings in Warsaw – New Orleans Club

If you would like to surprise your colleague from work, give up on boring and used ideas for birthday party. Every guy in the world will be thrilled to spend his birthday in the night club. This kind of surprise will be unforgettable. That’s another option for a business meeting and maybe it’s time to change something and think more innovative.

Business meetings don’t really have to be dull, but why you should choose New Orleans Club? The answer is simple. First of all, the business package offers you transport from hotel to the club. It makes everything much easier, doesn’t it? What’s more, you will have delicious dinner with the best quality beef steaks, premium burgers, beef tartare or somethink lighter – salads. Our chefs make sure the meals were heavenly, that’s why we serve only the highest quality of beef. You don’t have to worry about alcohol, in New Orleans Club everyone will find a suitable drink. In the business package there is an open bar included. We’ve got whiskey, beer connoisseurs are also very welcome. Open Bar also includes wine, vodka, tequila, gin and soft drinks. For a dessert our mesmerizing girls will make you forget about the whole world while dancing on the stage. Every one of the shows is special. It’s hard not to enjoy their performance, they are incredible talented and engaged in what they do. It’s enough to prove you that when it comes to business meetings in Warsaw, New Orleans Club is the best idea.

Dear guests,

Taking care of your highest comfort of fun in our city, we decided to collect a few rules, which we ask you to remember when choosing the Night Club:

  1. Choose consciously. Before you choose a Nightclub you want to spend time in, check its offer and credibility on the website.
  2. After making a conscious choice, do not let the taxi driver convince you to choose another, unknown Club.
  3. Avoid accidental invitations to clubs, what you do not know the offer.
  4. When you come to a club, read its offer and make sure you pay for what you ordered.
  5. Remember! Nobody has the right to use your card when you do not see it and you are not aware of it.
  6. If you know you will want to visit the club again, take the club card with you. With it, you can easily contact the Manager, who will give you all the necessary information if necessary.

Follow these few rules and every visit you make to the Warsaw Nightclub will be a very positive experience!

Best regards,
Kasia Filip
General Manager


(Filling out the form is not tantamount to a booking. The final booking takes place after the ordering party approves the cost estimate)

A detailed description of the dishes can be found HERE

Additional packages?


The given prices are approximate prices and are subject to a discount depending on the extent of the offer and the number of guests. We prepare the final quote individually and send it in a reply message to be accepted by the customer.

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