Informations for guests

Informations for guests

Informations for guests

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Informations for guests

New Orleans is a prestigious club. To maintain the reputation of our establishment, a few basic rules need to be followed, as nothing is of more importance to us than the satisfaction of our customers. It is with our customers in mind that we are guided by a policy of good taste and dress code rules commonly accepted as standard in places where, like at our club, the highest quality of entertainment is provided. At the same time, we make efforts to ensure that customers are not significantly hampered by our suggestions concerning dress and behavior.


A casual, or elegant sport, style combines elements of classic attire, fashion and sport accessories. It permits fabrics that are not as elegant (cotton, linen, corduroy, denim) and there also no restrictions as to colors and patterns (printed designs, embroidery and lace are allowed).


To ensure the comfort of persons who spend their free time at our club, the following are not admitted::

  • persons under 21 years of age,
  • persons under the visible influence of alcohol,
  • persons who are not appropriately dressed.

klub gogo w Warszawie - klub New Orleans


The security of New Orleans guests is ensured by a group of selected bodyguards. The bodyguards are expected to intervene in situations that pose a threat to persons present at the club, as well as to react to behavior that breaches the rules of good taste. As we care for the image of the club and the mood of tasteful amusement, we cannot afford to ignore:

  • persons whose behavior expressly points to consumption of too much alcohol;
  • behavior towards dancers, staff or other guests that is harassing or even aggressive or abusive.

Upon noticing any troubling situation our security personnel has the right to expel a person by their inappropriate behavior proves that our club is not a place for them.


New Orleans was established to ensure deluxe entertainment and relax to people who appreciate the taste of life. Our guests often include the men and women of politics, affairs or show business. Caring about the comfort of leisure and casual amusement of all our customers, we do not allow using video camera recorders, cameras (including mobile phone cameras) and other video or sound recording equipment on our premises. Both the security personnel and managers, dancers and staff are obliged to caution any person found to violate this rule.If such a request is ignored, we reserve the right to:
– seize the equipment without guaranteeing its return,
– expel the person who does not comply with our rules after being cautioned.


The showpiece of our club, apart from the highest quality of service, highest level of staff, the longest list of alcoholic drinks in Poland and the delicious restaurant menu, are primarily the gorgeous dancers who undergo a special process of recruitment, training and education in dancing. The young ladies we employ are university students and persons involved in artistic and other activities, whose beautiful, well-groomed appearance complements the high level of personal culture. We believe that thanks to their uncommon beauty, excellent dancing routines and eloquent conversation, the dancers will make our guests feel exceptional. We take care to ensure that they feel comfortable and secure at New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club as well. We hope that guests who spend time in their company will show them due respect. Behavior violating the personal rights of the dancers we employ cannot be admitted. Persons behaving inappropriately towards the ladies will be expelled from the club.


We believe that compliance with these few basic rules will help us create an atmosphere of tasteful, elegant and unforgettable fun on a high level. All of this to ensure that following a visit at New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club a question of “What was the most enjoyable day of your life” would be met with a response of “It was not a day, it was a night!”

klub gogo w Warszawie - New Orleans Night Club


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