What events is the nightclub in Warsaw suitable for?

What events is the nightclub in Warsaw suitable for?

A good nightclub in Warsaw is at a premium. Every weekend hundreds of locals and visitors look for a convenient place for an all-night madness. New Orleans is a dream place for such events. First of all, the club has the largest selection of Whiskey Single Malt and other types of Whiskey in the whole capital, and also thanks to cooperation with “Dom Szampana” (the largest importer of champagnes), it has created a selected offer of excellent champagnes. Secondly: the nightclub is distinguished by a very stylish interior and employs the best DJs, which make the parties great with perfectly selected music. Thirdly: professional dancers can be seen there, which tempt with sensual performances and, besides, entertain guests with an intelligent conversation.

Bachelor party

Bachelor party is probably the most typical event that is celebrated in the night club. Saying goodbye to a single state is a very special event in the life of every man – one that, at least in principle, only happens once in a lifetime. Of course, you can celebrate them modestly, at home and in a small circle of friends … But what for? Isn’t it better to say goodbye to your current civil status with great fanfare, so that you can remember it for your whole life? Going out to the club allows us to create a truly solemn and unique atmosphere. Wedding is stress and we do not want stress.Madness until dawn will certainly help to relax during exhausting preparations for the wedding. And delicious steaks and good whiskey are dream things for such an event.


You don’t have to decide on a marriage to feel special and have a great time. I think every jubilarian dreams of a surprise party, during which he will be able to go a little crazy in a perfectly adapted place. Delicious food, good spirits, great music, original decor and great company – all these elements guarantee that the fun will be really successful. And the memories of such an evening will simply be priceless! You can surprise a loved one by reserving a box for him on his special day or make a gift for yourself. Such birthdays will surely be remembered both for the jubilarian and his guests.

Bachelorette party

A loud farewell to a single state is not only reserved for men. Ladies also like to have fun! Which future bride would not be happy to visit a stylish, atmospheric club where she could dance until dawn accompanied by her friends, drink exclusive champagne, and at the same time eat something delicious? There is no denying that a wedding is a very beautiful, but also extremely stressful event. An all-night craze in a good club is a great way to take a break and just start celebrating. Security is also important – employed security personnel will ensure that the star of the evening and her companions do not have to worry about anything.

Company event

Business meetings are often associated with a stodgy atmosphere and appear to us as an unpleasant duty. We can change it by organizing it in a somewhat less-typical place, where everyone will be able to feel comfortable. Strengthening the bond over a perfectly prepared steak and good alcohol will certainly result in signing a favorable contract that right away could be celebrated with a glass of champagne. It will also be a good idea to organize an integration party in the club – such a nightclub creates the ideal atmosphere for breaking the ice and making friends.

Wedding Anniversary

Long-term relationships can be very rewarding, but there is no denying that after some time, routine is very common in them … It’s worth breaking the mould, doing something completely different than usual. The brave may watch together the performance of an erotic dancer, which will surely bring some piquancy to the relationship. Of course, before we organize such attractions, it is worth knowing whether it suits your spouse. If not, the restaurant offers other attractions that will work great during such an event. A visit to the club, which has a difficult atmosphere to imitate, dance and champagne until dawn are sure things which help you look at your partner in a different light and fall in love with him again.