What to do in Warsaw during the weekend?

What to do in Warsaw during the weekend?

Every Pole should visit Warsaw at least once in his life. It is not only the capital of our country, filled with beautiful monuments and historical places, but also a gastronomic, cultural and party center. Even two days spent in this beautiful city can be a great adventure that we will remember for a long time. What is worth doing during a short vacation in Warsaw?

One weekend is far too little to know in depth such a fascinating and unusual city as Warsaw, but enough to fall in love with it. Much depends on how we will organize these two days – will we be aimlessly wandering around the city streets, or maybe we will prepare ourselves by writing a list of the most important tourist attractions and things that we want to do at the time? One thing is certain: with a little organization, in the capital it’s simply impossible to get bored!

Beautiful sights

All lovers of history and breathtaking architecture will surely like to see the fascinating monuments that Warsaw is famous for. The first place to go is the Old Town. On the Castle Square you will find the Royal Castle, which first served as the residence of the Mazovian Dukes, and from the 16th century it was the seat of the authorities of the First Polish Republic, ie the king and the parliament. In front of the Krakowska Gate you can admire Sigismund’s column. It is also worth seeing the Warsaw Mermaid, which is one of the symbols of the capital, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Palace in Wilanów, the Belvedere Palace, the Presidential Palace, the St. John’s Archcathedral, Powązki Cemetery, Ujazdowski Castle and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Delightful greenery

Although Warsaw is associated primarily with dense, urban development, it is far from the “concrete jungle”. One of its main advantages is a very large number of beautiful parks, where you can relax and enjoy nature. The most famous of them are, of course, Łazienki Park, which perfectly reflect the spirit of the era of Stanisław August Poniatowski. In the middle of the park, you can admire the Palace on the Island, which was once the summer residence of the king. In addition to the beautiful greenery, the visitors delight strolling around the park colorful peacocks and friendly squirrels, which accost them trying to get something to eat. Other noteworthy objects are the Saxon Garden, Mokotów Field, the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University gardens on the roof of the university library. Nature lovers are also willing to visit the famous Warsaw zoo.

Museums, galleries and exhibitions

Warsaw is also a fantastic place for fans of various types of museums and galleries. One of the largest and richest museums is the National Museum, while the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Katyn Museum are considered to be the most modern and the most attractive for young recipients. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Museum of Technology, the Museum of Polish Military Technology, the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, the museum housed in the Royal Castle and the Museum of Modern Art are also very popular. Lovers of learning with certainty will like the full of interactive exhibits Copernicus Science Center, while those eager for new experiences should go to the surprising Invisible Exhibition, which will bring them closer to the everyday life of the blind.

Concerts and theaters

Warsaw is a perfect place for all those who love communing with culture. Most famous performers and music bands most often come to the capital. Concerts take place not only at stadiums, but also at the most popular clubs. Certainly, it is also worth booking in advance tickets for the performance in one of the Warsaw theaters: Studio Buffo (where we will see, among others, “Polita”, “Romeo and Juliet 3d”, “Metro” or “Peter Pan” in a musical version) or Roma (“Pilots”, “Jungle Book”, “Little Prince”, “Alice in Wonderland”). The capital is also the location of many of the best theaters, on the boards of which we can admire the great stars known from the cinema and television series.

Night life

What to do in Warsaw during the weekend?

Warsaw is a city that never sleeps. Therefore, every avid party person visiting the capital should spend at least one evening dancing and tasting good alcohol in the best clubs. For lonely gentlemen, we recommend New Orleans – one of the best places, where you can relax after a hard day at work (or a grueling marathon among Warsaw monuments), drink the best champagne or whiskey, eat a steak and get an eyeful of beautiful and talented dancers.

Delicious food

Even the most persistent admirers of sightseeing finally get hungry. Fortunately, Warsaw is a true gastronomic center of Poland. We can choose here in cheaper and more exquisite premises, restaurants and bars specializing in home-made dishes, sushi, kebabs, Italian dishes, molecular cuisine, Greek, Arabic, Indian, American, Georgian and many, many more. If we want to remember this stay for a long time, it is worth to decide on a luxurious, original place. Couples visiting the capital who want to experience a remarkable date will certainly appreciate the unique atmosphere of the New Orleans club, which also functions as a restaurant. Delicious dishes served by the chef match perfectly with a glass of good wine or a glass of stronger drink, which will put us in a good mood for the rest of the evening…