Why New Orleans is a special place

Why New Orleans is a special place

Why is New Orleans undoubtedly the best nightclub in Warsaw? This will be confirmed by both faithful, regular customers, as well as tourists who, after their first visit to the club, always want to come back to us. What makes New Orleans such a unique place on the map of the capital? Why is it worth to spend an evening there?

Who doesn’t like to spend the evening and even the whole night in a good club? These types of places have everything that allows you to relax after a hard week at work. However, it cannot be said that every club guarantees fun equally. Knowledge of places better than the others available in a given city usually is spread at the speed of light. The New Orleans club has been on the podium in the capital for a long time. What distinguishes it from others and makes so many people visit it regularly?

The best music

There is no denying that music is one of the factors determining how successful a party will be. Even the best company will not get us out on the dance floor if we have nothing to dance to. New Orleans employs world-class DJs who know perfectly well what rhythms encourage guests to have fun. Their professionalism is also determined by the fact that they respond faultlessly to what is happening in the club and are able to match the released songs to the tastes of the partygoers currently in it. A large dance floor, good music and disco lights make us not even notice when the evening turns into a night, and the night into an early morning.

Good quality alcohol

New Orleans focuses on the highest quality in every aspect of its business. This is not a place where we drink only the cheapest beer or vodka with dubious taste qualities. The bar is equipped with over 700 different alcoholic beverages. We can choose among dozens of different types of whiskey and champagne. The club offers real unique items such as Octomore Orpheus 02.2 whiskey, Cristal Rosé 2002 champagne, Vodka Jean Marc XO, Crown Royal Canadian whiskey and Johnnie Walker King George V Blue Label. For those who prefer not to think about the bill during the event, the VIP Open Bar package has been prepared. The principle is simple: we pay a one-time fee of PLN 499 and we enjoy an unlimited amount of good quality rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, cognac, vodka and wine, energy and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night.

Delicious food

Night partying is associated primarily with the consumption of beverages, but one cannot live on alcohol alone. Fortunately, New Orleans is not only a club, but also … a night restaurant. And really great one! Meeting the male palates, the chef serves excellent starters, as well as delicious meat dishes: Rib Eye Steak, sirloin steak, Porterhouse steak and Tomahawk steak. So if we have not been able to eat a decent meal during a busy day or we just get hungry during the evening party, New Orleans is just a dream place for us.

Beautiful and talented dancers

A visit to New Orleans is a feast for both the body and the spirit. Every devotee of feminine charms will certainly be delighted. Dancers employed in the club are beautiful, sensual and can make use of it. On the other hand, the place doesn’t rely only on beauty – the girls are not only nice bodies and faces, but above all, the artists who make a show at the highest level. A real pole dance is a field of art that goes far beyond putting on the charm on the stage. The dancers are flexible, athletic and control their movements a hundred percent. If someone prefers to imbibe the beautiful views in a more intimate atmosphere, he can choose a private show in a specially designed room. Only in this way we can achieve full intimacy and focus on all the advantages of a striptease.

Champagne atmosphere and security

Another thing that affects how we feel in a given place is the atmosphere. The entire New Orleans team makes sure that we can relax and forget about the problems of everyday life. It’s a dream location for weekend madness, without regret the next day. Especially that the employed security guards also care about safety in the club. We don’t need to be afraid of a hitch or every now and then look over our shoulder. In addition, the restaurant provides discretion, thanks to which we can behave freely and get rid of constraints that restrict us on a daily basis. In New Orleans, there is only “here and now” – the rest cease to matter for a moment.


Contrary to appearances, a nightclub is a place where we can celebrate various occasions. It is perfect for birthday madness, celebrating various jubilees, promotions, pay rises and other successes. It is a remarkable location for business and integration meetings. It is perfect for arranging crazy hen and stag parties. Anyway, do we need a special occasion to have fun? In New Orleans, even the most ordinary day can become festive and unique.