The evening in the night club

The evening in the night club

Unfortunately night clubs not only for one person will associate with sociable agencies under cover. The truth is that society is more cultural and tolerant to understand that big difference between night club for gentlemen and house of pleasure. Go go clubs is exactly different situation and it is completely another image which is creating in the public opinion.

Sometimes you can hear about unpleasant situations in night clubs but it is worth to look at it from the other side. It is a place where you need to know how to behave to have calm fun and keep all aspects of security. In go go clubs it is organized the most of stag-parties as the last, crazy bachelor’s night. Except of those using the last single’s night you can also meet there men who want to relax, to stress out from work and responsibilities after after hard week. Age of clients is differential, from young men who are looking for experiences and great sights to „older” gentlemen with class and elegance who want to feel subtle atmosphere of night clubs. In such places there are also organized corporate events or business meetings. It is getting more popular because of character of the place and its „rareness” such meeting. The majorly guests of go go clubs are men but there are also women coming alone or with partner. Currently clients who are coming to night clubs know what they offer and how to behave properly and women working there in club treat duly that is why places like that are more safety for clients and dancers. In those places you can also meet a lot of foreign customers who want to spend nice time by watching beautiful women on the scene.

the evening in the night club Warsaw

Dancers in night clubs must to behave in specified way. They dance pole dance, striptease and lap dance. Their moves are erotic and subtle but each of them knows where is limit that can be not crossed to not make clients think in a bad way about club. The most most important is to have skills of making moves on stage, having sense of rhythm and ability to make her dance in the way that will interest watching her people. Such a dancer besides dance skills and sense of rhythm should also to present herself in a good way. Her appearance is very important, she must can pay attention to herself. The key to success of dancer is a beautiful, well cared and sexy body, self-confidence and knowledge how to affect on men. Except of dancers in night clubs you can meet here also hostesses. There are women who provide nice company to clients during performances in room. The greatest advantage of women working in night club is self-confidence, communication and directness. The additional trump is knowledge of foreign languages. A lot of candidates for that job are wondering bout she need to have some skills. The greater professionalism is, the better but willingness and intuition is basic and dance is often learned by club and older „female friends”.


All night long on the stage are dancers. They are moving to the rhythm of music showing their talents and elastic dance on pipe called „pole dance” Each of them have to present her show prepared earlier. The most often on the stage they come out for one song, after one next and over and over again. Every show of dancer can be ended in specific way on the stage with props or also getting off the stage. In the meantime, waiting on their show, dancers can go out to room and spend time with guests, drink alcohol or dance private to client who ordered such dance.

Private dances can have place in room or in private rooms called VIP-rooms. These are small rooms feature with comfortable couch, pipe and small parquet as a place for girl’s dance. Dancer in that time is focusing on the client, her dance need to interest guest and make him energize. Private dances least usually 2-3 songs. There are regular customers who have favorite dancers and for them they are coming to specific club. They order alcohol and private dances.

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Contrary to appearances talking about nightclubs striptease, it is very safe. There are rules that neither party can break. The most important is the lack of intimate contact with customers or dancers. There are clients who are coming this club, although they explain quickly that this is not the goal. The security of the dancers is also guarded. You never know how to behave a customer who has quite a lot of drink, and during the evening the dancer can feel safe and be focused on dancing to enchant the guests as much as they can.

Sometimes it happens that dancer’s or hostess’s work in night club is hard and not all of people can work there. Most of the time spent in go go clubs is pleasant and safety. Beautiful, sexy and subtle women on stages and room – among the Warsaw night clubs New Orleans is the best.